Thursday, December 20, 2007

Google Flight Stats - Up to date flight information

Entrecard brings me to a lot of blogs with useful information. Like this one from Orange Inks

Google Flight Tracker gives you updated flight information from Flight Stats

Get flight status information directly in your Google Search results by simply typing the carrier code and flight number of the flight you are interested in tracking. The first result in the list will display status with a link to FlightStats for detailed information and access to flight tracking and alerts.

For additional information including airport delays, flight status by route, on-time performance ratings, airline information airport information and airport delays (US only), use our Google Co-op Subscribed Link. Examples of the search terms supported by the Google Co-op Subscribed Link include:
  • JFK to LHR
  • AS 2236
  • American
  • American Airlines
  • LHR Airport
  • security wait times (US only)
  • airport delays (US only)

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