Thursday, December 20, 2007


Thats En-truh card. I thought it was Entre card for a while. I still pronounce it Entrecard. Its fun. I am getting out and exploring a lot of new things. Maybe spending a little too much time playing with it. I have two sites on there now , my 2009 GT-R site, and my GTR USA site. I should probably make a card up for this site too.

GTR USA stats

95 credits in your account 24 credits to advertise on your blog
241 cards you dropped 220 cards dropped on you
84 clicks via ads you placed 100 clicks from your blog to others
9 ads you bought 3 ads bought from you
157 clicks from to you more stats..

2009 GT-R stats

164 credits in your account 81 credits to advertise on your blog
1310 cards you dropped 481 cards dropped on you
284 clicks via ads you placed 240 clicks from your blog to others
24 ads you bought 2 ads bought from you
421 clicks from to you more stats..

I dropped about six times as many cards from 2009 GT-R , but I didnt get six times as many dropped on me. About 3 times as many ads bought by 2009 GT-R , and a bit more than twice the number of clicks from entrecard to me. Most of that is because I am campaigning hard with 2009 GT-R and its staying at the top of the Automotive category.

I am seeing more traffic , and even better , I am seeing a lot of cool blogs. There are a lot of interesting people out there in the world. By using Entrecard , you don't have to search blindly for things , you can find them fairly easily. I wonder how out of control this might be in the future. They are trying a few new things on the site , Fast pass , and Featured Status. They are also trying out a "store" . In the store they are planning on having 6 in total , a seller can sell real world , or virtual world , items in exchange for Entrecard Credits(EC).

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