Friday, December 10, 2010

Speeding Up a Blogger Blog

My blog has been a bit slow to load.  I have a complicated magazine style template from Simplex Blogger, and it takes a little longer than I like to load.  While I had some time, I decided to look up ways to speed up the blog.

One of the first sites I came up with, had some great tips.

There were a couple of tools that you could download as attachments to Firefox to analyze your site. These two tools are Firebug and YSlow.

I installed the programs, and ran them on my site, and they gave me a few tips to try and improve page loading speed.   My first impression is that the pages do seem to load a bit quicker.  At least the main part of the page shows up fairly quickly, then some of the other scripts load a little slower.

At first the grade was an F.  After running some of the changes recommended I got it to a D . "Overall performance score 66".  Now I am going to try a few more of the recommendations, and see if I can get the page to load quicker.

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Anonymous said...

One more tool
basically the same analysis
but no need to install any plug-ins