Thursday, September 3, 2009

Utopia is a hard sell in Jordan Downs

From the LA Times, this quote is both sad and funny .

Jordan Downs is a low cost housing project in Watts. Not one of the better areas of LA.

The new Jordan Downs will cost more than $1 billion and take more than five years to complete. Current project residents will be moved into temporary housing across the street while their old homes are torn down and rebuilt. Then, if things go according to the master plan, they will move back into a new complex with middle-class neighbors, a bank of shops and businesses, and a cutting-edge high school campus next door.

This quote came from someone familar with the projects, talking about "middle class people" moving to the area.

"Upscale people are not going to move over here, to the heart of the ghetto," said Smith, of Parolees for Change. "They'll be, like: 'Where are the gas stations? Who are all these dudes hanging around? Why did that guy take off with my car?' "

Why did that guy take off with my car ?

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payne said...

LOL @ "Why did that guy take off with my car?"