Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fast and Furious Box Office Results

I have been involved in all four Fast and Furious movies in some form. Big Bird- the R33 GT-R in the first movie, I took over to Universal for the audition. Blackbird was sold to Craig Lieberman, and became a main car for the second movie . In the third movie, I did a little work on a few of the cars , the main car I worked on was the RB26 powered Mustang. The last movie , I was around a little in the beginning. I introduced the Kaizo guys to the picture car guys. I did a little bit of technical advising for the insert unit. A little bit of hands and feet.

Its always interesting to listen to people talk condescendingly about the movies. They are not perfect by any means, and in fact there are glaring errors in all the movies , but they are not documentaries. No one really wants to watch documenatries. There are plenty of them. Plenty of real racing movies, plenty of real racing videos, but the general audience wants to watch action, and adventure. Based in reality but not real.

I was checking out some of the box office results for the latest movie. Domestic Total as of May. 17, 2009: $152,908,000 (Estimate). Production Budget: $85 million . So it cost them $85 million and it made $152 million. Not bad. But wait, there's more , Domestic: $152,908,000 + Foreign: $170,797,184
= Worldwide: $323,705,184 .

For "Car Racing" movies, it ranks second to Cars. All of the Fast and Furious movies are in the top 10 of the "Car Racing" movies. So when people ask "why are they still making Fast and Furious movies?" there's your answer. They make dollars, so they make sense.

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