Monday, January 7, 2008

Yesterday's webtraffic on

When I first checked Mybloglog for and it was at 200 readers in the morning yesterday, I was a little suprised. Then by early morning it had passed 400 readers. Most days I get right around 400 unique readers. By the end of the day , here are my totals.

Daily Totals: 981 offsite clicks | 2,189 page views | 1,553 readers

Now looking at it , not 100% sure where the sudden rush of readers came from on a Sunday. I noticed that I got a little over 350 readers from Yahoo , but most readers seemed to come direct. Was it the Myspace posts I had put up earlier ? Not according to Mybloglog. It seemed most traffic came direct.

Whatever the reason, it was a pretty good day , not quiet as many hits as the day of the GT-R owners meet with the R35 GT-R , but the Adsense revenue was much better. The Adsense revenue from that day was 5 times higher than my next highest day.

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