Monday, January 21, 2008

GT Channel vs You tube videos

GT Channel

7110 views on GT Channel. The GT Channel has revenue sharing though Revver , although its not really much money , as my stats show.

Available : $ 22.97 (Amount available to the user to cash out. Under $20 will not be cashed out.)
Pending : $ 2.18 (Pending verification - a 30 day period hold on any earnings.)

Thats for all my videos that are up on GT Channel. $20 is still $20 though. I know the guys at GT Channel from when I was at Motorex, and we helped them out with the Spoon S2000 , and a booth at the SEMA IAS show . The GT Channel video is a lot clearer than the You Tube video

You Tube

Same Nissan GT-R video 88,296 views on You Tube. I just signed up for the partner program with You Tube , and they said it will take between 60-90 days to see revenue from it. 1.3 million video views , hopefully its worth something.

Videos Watched: 1,162
Videos Uploaded: 89
Video Views: 1,382,352
Favorites: 14
Channel Type: Normal
Channel Views: 6,420
Subscribers: 66

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