Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Entrecard Statistics

12057 credits in your account 245 credits to advertise on your blog
4852 cards you dropped 2631 cards dropped on you
1382 clicks via ads you placed 1157 clicks from your blog to others
42 ads you bought 0 ads bought from you
1652 clicks from entrecard.com to you more stats..

Yes that says 12,000 credits. I bought 10,000 credits for $60 - see my post on it , and today I won the eBay auction for 10,000 more at $61. So it seems like $6 per 1000 is my current buy price.

I put the first 10,000 to use, and then I went and maxed out my drops on a few of my websites. Right now the top three entries for the Automotive category are sites I deal with. Its a little funny to me as its R35 , R34, R33 in that order of the 125 x 125 pictures in the ads.

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