Saturday, December 22, 2007

Trick My Trucker

Trick my Trucker

In 2005/2006 , I did a lot of traveling cross country with the race team. We spent quiet a bit of time at truck stops , and the sights at the truck stops. CMT is running this show, and you have to have a peek at the galleries , the before and afters of all these guys is amazing. Like different people.

Truckers and fashion models have one thing in common -- the right to be sexy. However, weight watching on the road is virtually impossible for the long-haul trucker. With the incentive of a healthier body and much needed fuel money, Trick My Trucker challenges two heroes of the highway to push themselves beyond their limits to become totally tricked out. Together with the help of our host Bob Guiney, trainer Aaron Aguilera and stylist Harmonie Krieger, these truckers will learn how to work out, eat healthy and transform themselves into GQ studs. Change is never easy. Our drivers will face roadblocks -- times when they give in to temptation. When they do, our host and trainer will be there ready to break bad habits and get their butts back on the road to a better lifestyle.

CMT Gallery

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